Cheap books sell for big savings

Allison Ching sorting through books at the UNC Book Sale. Photo Courtesy of Joshua Polson.

American journalist P.J. O’Rourke once said, “Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.”

Hundreds of handsome book options were available at the final Michener Book Sale of 2019 last week.

From science fiction to historical novels, the book sale attracted fans from a variety of genres. Titles ranged from the famous “Star Wars” series to never-before-seen staff picks.

There was also a wide selection of CDs, vinyl and movies for attendants to choose from.

Sapphire Esquibel, a freshman business major at the University of Northern Colorado, came to the book sale with a mission.


“Well, Christmas is coming up, and my mom likes to read books – so I’m seeing if I can find any books for her today,” Esquibel said.

Esquibel came to the right place. With hardcovers selling at $2 and soft covers clumping at three for $1, books were practically flying off the shelves.

Bright and colorful books catch the attention of UNC students as they pass by. Photo Courtesy of UNC University Libraries.

The event was organized and put together by Friends of the UNC Libraries, a group of community members and former UNC employees. They collect donated books over time to sell them back to the community. All the proceeds from the book sales benefit University Libraries projects and events throughout the year.

Volunteer Laurie Guthmann described how the book sale has changed over the years, from planning to profit.

“We used to have a four-day book sale and this whole downstairs was covered with tables of books, but it was an organization nightmare,” Guthmann said. “We just have it now from nine to five and on first Wednesdays, which is easier for me to remember and for everyone else when they become loyal.”

While the exact amount earned from the event hasn’t been disclosed, it’s safe to say the success has helped tremendously with raising money for the library’s next art installation, “The Border Crossed Us.” The exhibit opens November 18 and runs through into the new year.

The next book sale is on February 5, 2020. Until then, devise a plan with a list of books to snag before someone else gets to them first.


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