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Opinion: The Future of Movie Theaters is Dim

Even with the current pandemic, the fate of movie theatres shows a dim future. Photo courtesy of The New York Times.

Political ads work, but the effects are small

Ever wonder the effectiveness of political advertisements during election seasons? A study suggests the effect is small.  Political ads...

Opinion: “I don’t watch T.V. I learn from it.”

Television presents all the themes in life that I am now accustomed to. What does this mean for me?

Review: “Boyz n the Hood” is a timeless reflection of racial inequality

Nearly 30 years after its release, “Boyz n the Hood” still stands as a culturally impactful film tied with themes of family,...

Riding with the pandemic

Sheri and David Roberts never expected a recession to hit during the summer of 2020. The owners of the bicycle shop Spokes,...

It’s not just you – online classes are a challenge

Synchronous learning is hot right now. But the debate over whether it can offer a sufficient education for students across the country...