Andy Feinstein’s letter leaves people unsettled

Photo courtesy of Alexander Nunley.

The University of Northern Colorado plans to layoff approximately 65 employees, as stated in a letter sent out to the campus on Friday.

The decision on who will be impacted by the layoffs are expected to be finalized mid-March. The employees affected by the layoffs will be notified between late March and mid-April.

According to the letter, employees whose positions are eliminated will receive two months of salary pay.

People attended the layoff protest on Monday. Photo courtesy of Alexander Nunley.

“While we know these decisions are necessary, I care about the people impacted by them,” UNC President Andy Feinstein wrote in the letter. “Marshall Parks and his team will work with displaced employees to identify open positions on and off campus. Human resources is also working to identify additional ways that we can provide support to these members of our community.”

Feinstein’s letter was sent out to employees as a response to rumors and concerns across campus.


“I am sorry not everyone is learning this news directly from me,” Feinstein wrote. “I know that this has a human impact and that many of you are experiencing anxiety amid the uncertainty as final plans are developed.”

According to the letter, ideas such as Administrative Service Centers and personnel reductions in areas like Academic Affairs and Student Affairs are being adapted for use at UNC. These ideas will allow UNC to redistribute personnel and resources and deploy specialists to better serve priorities in UNC’s Strategic Enrollment and Student Success Plan.

From faculty to students to administration, people across campus are upset about the situation and are unsure of what will happen next. Photo courtesy of Alexander Nunley.

The ASC proposal was developed during discussions with the Cabinet, Assistant and Associate Deans, Department Business Managers and Senior Administrative Staff.

In a follow-up letter sent out to the campus on behalf of the Office of Provost on Monday, many concerns about student support services provided by administrative services, particularly student recruitment and student advising, have arisen.

“We agree that serving our students well is of utmost importance,” Provost Mark Anderson wrote. “It is the purpose of the SESS Plan and other visioning work, and it is our focus as we consider how to effectively organize Academic Affairs. The need to reallocate resources to faculty and other roles specifically directed at student success is a primary reason for considering how the business operations are being conducted.”

According to the letter, concentrating business operations in shared Service Centers will also help to enable UNC to dedicate resources to supporting student outcomes and supporting faculty in their service to students.

Conversations with each college will be held in the coming weeks to learn how to best serve students. 

According to the letter, UNC must continue to be mindful of the university’s budget as these conversations are being held.

“We anticipate that the organizational design work will result in a university that has better and sustainable business practices and one that continues to serve our students and faculty as well,” Anderson wrote in the letter.

Feinstein promised in his letter to keep the campus informed as quickly as possible as changes become finalized.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.


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