Counterprotesters Gather Against TPUSA Speaker

Conservative speaker Will Witt orates to a gathered crowd outside the University Center April 12

Local protesters stand outside the University Center’s Pikes Peak ballroom determined to challenge the views of conservative personality Will Witt, the guest speaker of a college conservative event.

The protesters are particularly upset because they feel like the university snuck this in at the last second.  

“I didn’t know they were doing this until yesterday,” says Joshua Greer, president of the Black Students Union at UNC. 

 Greer and BSU organized the protest along with support from other student led organizations with the help of the Facebook memes page “UNCo memes for cow tipping queens.” 

In the hours leading up to the protests, the group had been posting several videos to Instagram live and Snapchat. 


The organizers of the event, Turning Point USA, UNC chapter, are completely overrun. There weren’t enough seats, and more people showed up than was expected. Accusations of a racist seating policies abound. 

The protesters infiltrated the speech, either by confirming their preordered ticket to the event or by sneaking in. They are now standing quietly in the back.  

Tension quickly fills the room. Turning Point USA leadership reminds everyone of the mask policy, respecting other people’s opinions, free speech and the right of the event protesters to protest. 

President of the TP UNC chapter Sarah Geislinger looks somewhat nervous as she leaves the stage having introduced Witt, PragerU pundit and social media influencer to the podium.

“I’m sorry to the university and to those that put this event on because I refuse,” Witt says as he takes his bandana off.

Witt removed his mask against university guidelines during his speech.

Immediately, protesters start shouting for him to put his mask on. The university cuts his microphone. 

“If we have to wear one you have to wear one!” one of the protesters yells. 

The cheering only gets louder,  forcing the predominately white and concerned looking event participants to move in closer to Witt as he yells over the protesters.

“Conservatives conserve! It’s what we do!” Witt yells. 

At this point Witt, if he had prepared a speech, was not giving it now. Instead he is yelling talking points, mostly about Christianity, calling out evil, the homosexual agenda and spreading the message that the United States and ‘our’ way of life, is under attack.

The audience struggles to hear him as the protesters now surround the event participants. They have nearly drowned Witt out. Tension is at its height as people now start getting in each others’ faces. A Witt supporter wearing an America First shirt, an organization tied to the alt-right,  begins to chant “U.S.A” to counter the protesters. More Witt supporters join in.

Witt goes on to talk about the ‘Left Wing religion’ and how it has poisoned the minds of the protestors. 

“If he doesn’t have a mask on, why is he allowed to speak?” asks Greer, continuing to lead the protest. 

In minutes, university staff take to the podium and inform everyone that they need to leave the room. UNC police have arrived to monitor the situation. Their presence is felt by both Witt supporters and the protesters. Within ten or 15 minutes, everyone is gone.  

Witt, not content with giving up the platform, tells his supporters to follow him outside for a quick unprepared monologue as well as a question and answer session. 

“There have been people who have been homosexual in America forever and ever, no one is denying that,” Witt tells the crowd. “But to say that the numbers have, in the last few years, just skyrocketed just because that’s how it is now in America is ludicrous. It’s now being pushed on young kids in America and it truly is the most disgusting and perverted thing.” Witt continues. 

Several cars pass by yelling Black Lives Matter and honking. Witt supporters jeer their attempts at disruption.

“You are the resistance!” Witt says, mocking one of the passing cars. More cars pass by honking in protest. It draws laughter and sarcastic cheer from Witt supporters. 

Witt discusses strategies to his audience about how to get the conservative message out in a way that won’t turn people off from the movement and draw more and more people in, through social media influence.

As Witt finishes, an old woman asks Witt for comment on the fears around COVID and the culture it creates for children. Music can be heard from cars belonging to protesters.

The man wearing the ‘America First’ shirt asks Witt for comment on the Nick Fuentes/alt-right schism. Witt declines to give an opinion citing lack of information on the subject. He does say he supports ‘free speech.’

For exclusive video coverage of this event, go to Bear News.


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