University Center Gains New Dining Option

Klawz Corner is located on the west side of the University Center.

Update 10/8/2021: Due to the addition of a grab and go station at Tobey-Kendel Dining Room starting October 18, Klawz Corner will no longer be operating.

Students looking for another dining option on campus will be able to expand their palates with the newly opened Klawz Corner. Located in the University Center, Klawz Corner offers a calming ambiance with creative chalkboard art and cozy cafe tables. Housed in the former location of Bears Mo’Jo, which has been vacant since 2018, the new dining option will complete a roster of restaurants for students.

Klawz Corner is open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. or while supplies last. Students and community members can buy their meals with cash, card or dining dollars, according to Kim Soper, the retail dining assistant manager. While there currently isn’t an option to use meal plans to purchase food, the expansion of meal plans to cover food at Einstein’s Bagels and Subway could change things.

Klawz Corner uses a rotating menu, offering one meal option each day it’s open, with a variety of sides, drinks and desserts. Past options have included barbecue sandwiches and street tacos. 

Klawz Corner celebrated a soft opening Sept. 10 with roast beef and havarti sandwiches and house-made chips. Workers and students were still finding their footing with this new dining option, with many students expressing surprise that it had opened at all. 


Stan Johnson, a third-year student at UNC, didn’t know about plans to open Klawz Corner until he walked around the corner and saw the new dining option. 

“It’s very nice. It was very surprising,” Johnson said.

With the closure of the Tobey-Kendel dining room and the planned opening of Hiroshi Sushi in the UC, students at UNC are faced with a changing dining environment, but Klawz Corner adds new variety to on-campus dining.


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