UNC is Celebrating 100 years of Homecoming


Homecoming week is always a monumental time for current and former students at the University of Northern Colorado. However, this one is an important milestone as it marks 100 years of school spirit and celebration.

At the city council meeting, Mayor John Gates proclaimed the week of Oct. 9-15 as the 100th Homecoming Week at UNC.

Andy Feinstein, president of UNC, spoke at the meeting.

“We have over 131,000 living alumni who have gone on to do great things in our community, state and beyond,” Feinstein said. “I’m very excited to welcome alumni and supporters back to Greeley and on campus.”

To celebrate the occasion, the school has planned more than 20 events throughout the week. Since Homecoming coincides with Friends and Family Weekend, many of the events are not limited to students or alumni.


This week is jam-packed with a plethora of different activities, ranging from a 5K, a tailgate, to even a petting zoo on Turner Green. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, all courtesy of UNC itself.

Starting out the week is a collection of brunches and breakfast foods targeted towards alumni and city employees, which are great for introducing people to the Greeley Community and the atmosphere on campus.

Events like the students vs. staff football game and Bear Sync, a Greek-life lip-sync and choreographed dance contest, are ideal for students to have a good time and meet their fellow Bears.

A bonfire and fireworks will be lit at 7:30 p.m. on Friday near Bishop-Lehr, with live music provided by the Pride of the Rockies marching band.

To cap off the celebration, the UNC football team has a home game Saturday afternoon against the Sacramento State Hornets. With a season-low of 0 wins and 4 losses, a game at their own stadium with a lot of school spirit may be what’s needed to win their first game of the season.

The soccer team has a home game as well, taking on the Montana Grizzlies Sunday at noon on Jackson Field.

Arlo Hudson, a sophomore at the UNC, shows his support.

“I think the 5K will be the most fun honestly for me, because I’m a runner,” he said.

Even local businesses are showing their support by decorating their shops with the school’s signature blue and gold colors.

In tribute to the graduating class of 1973, UNC is distributing a commemorative golden hat to welcome them back to campus.

The most important part of Homecoming week is the involvement in the community and the school itself. All the planned events have one thing in common: uniting all students, past and present, under one school.

“It’s the campus community, that’s what being a Bear is,” Hudson said. “UNC is a really unique one, being such a small school.”

As a freshman, Sophie Blankman shared her definition of school spirit.

“Getting involved is a big thing, getting along with people, that makes friendships,” she said. “And those friendships can last forever.”

A full list of all the Homecoming festivities planned can be found here.


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