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Campus-adjacent bike shops available for students’ benefit

Cycling merchants promote alternative to driving to class, spending money on parking passes

Published: Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Updated: Wednesday, November 18, 2009 02:11

On most days, the bike racks next to Ross Hall are occupied. Cycling, or riding a bike, is definitely a way to get around the UNC campus.  Although a lot of students walk, many students ride their bikes year-round. 

There are many shops around Greeley that sell bikes and/or focus on bike repair. Some of the stores are George's Repair Shop, International Bike, Bike Peddler Bike Products,

The Roubaix Bicycle Co., Bike Peddler Cycling & Fitness, The Sports Authority and Lil Baller Bikes & Trike.

The closest bike shop to UNC is The Roubaix Bicycle Co, 911 16th St., across from the University of Northern Colorado Skinner Music Library.

Steve Opp, the owner of Roubaix, said even though the store is close to campus, there are not as many student customers at Roubaix as he would like. The company business does not have a student discount at this time, but offers discounts on the Roubaix Web site.

Another bike shop in Greeley is Bike Peddler Cycling and Fitness located at 5240 Ninth St. 

Jesse Port, the manager at Bike Peddler and a UNC alumnus, said there is not a student discount right now, but the store will hopefully set one up.

Port said he personally knows the UNC campus and biking around Greeley well. He also said he thinks Greeley is a really accessible biking community even though there is not a huge cycling culture here.

"Especially with the price of parking, I've always thought that biking on campus is really easy," Port said. "I have always wished there were more bike racks on campus."

The UNC Cycling Club offers training rides, criteria races and practice with riding in a group of cyclists. The club practices year-round and moves to the Campus Recreation Center in the winter.

Alex Lewis, a senior accounting major and the UNC Cycling Club president, said he has to ride a lot for training, so he tries to mix it up a little and walk or drive to and from class.

"That is kind of the ironic thing," Lewis said. "I don't ride my bike on campus very often."

Lewis said he thinks of Roubaix as sort of the cycling club's sponsor. He said that Opp is great and that he helps a lot and tries to work with the club for pricing.

"It really is imperative for us to have a shop so close to campus," Lewis said.
As for the benefits of biking compared to driving, Lewis said the experience is crucial with bike-riding.

"I enjoy training and cycling because you can get outside and see stuff," Lewis said.

For more information about cycling, visit, and

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