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College receives funds by chronicling memories

Published: Monday, February 21, 2011

Updated: Monday, February 21, 2011 00:02

Dan Obluda

Dan Obluda

Rhonda Cook, right, works on putting photos in a book with her daughter, Kat Cook, a sophomore pre-nursing major, Saturday at the NHS Scrapbooking Social Fundraiser in the University Center Ballrooms.

The UNC College of Natural and Health Sciences hosted its third annual scrapbooking fundraiser Saturday to raise money for undergraduate and graduate students' research proposals.

"We try to raise $2,500 a semester and $5,000 a year," said Beckie Croissant, administrative aide to the NHS dean. "The most a student can ask for is $400."

Sandy Pope, the administrative specialist, said the funds go into an endowment for the students.

This year, Croissant and Pope said they hope to break their goal of the past two years.

"For the first two years, we've been able to raise $1,400 a year," Croissant said. "We're hoping to break that goal."

Croissant and Pope decided to have the fundraiser be about scrapbooking because they both enjoy it as a hobby.

"Scrapbooking is something that we've done that we thought we could pull off," Pope said. "So we took the idea to the dean, and she said to go for it."

The two got most of the ideas for how to host a scrapbooking party, from others.

The successes of the last two years have propelled the fundraiser to help out more students each year to fund their proposals.

"People continue to come back," Croissant said. "The first time we held the fundraiser, we were expecting 20 people. We already have people signed up for the following year."

This year, enthusiasts lined up to enter the event.

"We have a waiting list, and a group of 19 coming," Pope said. "People from previous years bring more people. This is our way of being able to contribute to the fund. We really believe in it and wanted to help out in some way."

Unlike some  University of Northern Colorado events, the fundraiser was hosted on a Saturday to allow busy people to attend.

"Most of these people have full time jobs, so they wouldn't be able to come to the event if it were held on a weekday," Croissant said. "Most of them stay at a hotel Friday and Saturday."

Students who participated in the event said they were excited about having an opportunity to help out fellow students simply by sitting and socializing.

"This is a really awesome opportunity to help out the same program I'm involved in," said Dani Flynn, a senior biology major. "I also went to the fundraiser last year, and it was fun. My mom, who is also a vendor for the event, and I have been scrapbooking for years."

Next year's scrapbooking fundraiser will be Feb. 18, 2012.

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