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Health club students construct houses in volunteer, community effort

Published: Monday, February 21, 2011

Updated: Monday, February 21, 2011 00:02

Courtesy of the Pre-Health Professionals Club

Courtesy of the Pre-Health Professionals Club

A Pre-Health Professional Club member knocks down a wall in a volunteer job with Habitat for Humanity. Club members said they hope to keep working with Habitat.

The UNC Pre-Health Professionals Club volunteered with Habitat for Humanity Saturday to help the Greeley community and students who are looking to be a part of health services in the future.

"We like to do as many volunteering opportunities as possible; that's why we're working with Habitat for Humanity," said Deidre Shutte, treasurer of the PHPC. "We also work with the Weld County Food Bank."

The PHPC is an organization that intends to help people around the community, and its students benefit from the experience they acquire on such jobs.

Both PHPC and Habitat have stated a commitment to helping those in the community lead better lives.

"Most of the people who are benefited from Habitat for Humanity live in homes that aren't up to code or there is overcrowding," said Chrystal Weigum, president of the PHPC. "So their health is at risk."

The club has been working with Habitat for Humanity for the past couple of years.

"We help them build homes once or twice throughout the year," Shutte said.

The pre-health students worked on two homes this weekend. Usually, they only work on one. Twelve club members attended the service event, as well as volunteering multicultural greek members.

"We give our members the unique opportunity to serve their community," Weigum said. "I love getting to know the new homeowner and seeing their face when they get their new home. It's really great to help people out."

 According to the PHPC websiteat, the group's purpose is to "promote the pursuit of professionals in the field of health by educating our peers about the processes involved in gaining entrance to professional schools offering these degrees while providing members with opportunities to be exposed to these professions in a way which allows them to make well-informed, sound decisions."

Their mission is to "provide their members with the information and materials to be successful in their attempts to gain entrance to any accredited professional institution/university offering health-related, post-baccalaureate degrees."

Members of the club said they hope to help out more people in the future by continuing their partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

‘This really is an established event," Weigum said. "I hope the future boards continue it. It's a great way to impact our community."

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