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Michener read-in offers historic look into past presidents at University of Northern Colorado

Published: Friday, November 9, 2012

Updated: Friday, November 9, 2012 02:11

11-9 Michener Read In

Rachel Bailey | The Mirror

Alex Shockley, a senior education and English major, speaks at the Election Day read-in at Michener Library.


To celebrate the anticipated Election Day, UNC and Michener Library hosted another read-in for the University of Northern Colorado community. Tuesday’s theme, in accordance with the presidential election, was voices of past presidents. 
On the first Tuesday of every month, students and faculty are invited to read aloud according to that month’s specific genre. Since the first Tuesday of November landed on Election Day, readers were asked to share their stories relating to presidents.
“This ties to the election well by reflecting on people who are not currently participating in the 2012 election,” said Jeri Kraver, an English professor.
Readers shared excerpts and stories written by past presidents like George Washington, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson.
To start the Election Day read-in, JoBeth Dailey, a senior English education major, read from George Washington’s “Rules of Civility.” Dailey chose this piece because Washington wrote it himself. Dailey read the different rules that Washington had created to be a productive member of society.
“I feel these ethics and values are still relevant today,” Dailey said. “It also gives us an idea of where we came from as a country.”
Dailey participated in this read-in because she is passionate about the election, and she is an avid reader.
Lisa Zimmerman, an assistant professor of English, took the podium next to read an excerpt from a speech written by John F. Kennedy. She decided to read from Kennedy’s commencement address at Amherst College about the late Robert Frost.
Frost had just died recently before the time of this speech, so Kennedy discussed his involvement with Amherst College. Before she read, Zimmerman, who has published poetry, showed a photograph of Kennedy and his son and explained how she would like to write a poem about the photo someday. Therefore, she chose this speech because it celebrated another poet.
Readers continued to share different passages through the afternoon of Election Day. Kraver said she enjoys listening to all the readers because it allows her to hear a variety of works about the same topic.
“The selections tell me about the readers,” Kraver said. “I love hearing what people share because it lets me get to know them.”
Kraver organizes the read-in every month and encourages students to sign up to read for any of the following read-ins the rest of the year. The December read-in will take place Dec. 4. 

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