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EDITORIAL: UPC hit it big bringing in Macklemore, Ryan Lewis for annual concert

Published: Monday, February 4, 2013

Updated: Monday, February 4, 2013 03:02

Hey, Macklemore, can you come to UNC?

What? What? What? What?

What? What? What? What?

Yes, that’s right. He’s coming.

The hottest name in music right now will grace the stage at Butler-Hancock this semester in what will clearly be a concert to remember.

Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” has had the No. 1 spot on the iTunes top single list for several weeks now and his latest album, “The Heist,” has remained steady in the top-10 albums. In other words, University Program Council, you hit a home run with this one.

The entire student body should recognize how big a deal this is. For somebody at UPC to have the foresight that Macklemore would reach worldwide popularity by the time the spring concert came around is nothing short of incredible. We all owe the people behind this accomplishment a round of applause and thanks for their surely tiring efforts.

Some around campus have voiced their displeasure with the choice, though, arguing that “Thrift Shop” is tacky and has been overplayed on the radio and has gotten somewhat annoying.

Admittedly, it has been played a bit too much on the radio, especially when the edited version isn’t nearly as entertaining. But there’s a very simple solution this gripe: Go listen to his other songs.

A quick glance through his previous albums will introduce people to Macklemore songs that aren’t as popular as “Thrift Shop,” but should be. Not all of his musical endeavors are tacky.

Sure, “Fake ID” is relatively tasteless, but it’s pretty entertaining to hear him retell the story of how a bouncer caught him cheating the system, thus ending his reign as “the man/ Buying the contraband with a fake (expletive) hologram.” But go find “Otherside” and listen to the warning about how people should be mindful of how destructive drugs can be; go find “Love Song” and hear him preach about how comforting an intimate relationship is with lyrics like, “And if your life truly flashes in front of you/When you die just know/The best time of my life has been lovin’ you.”

It’s safe to say Macklemore isn’t like most rappers. He has a playful side to his music but can take a more serious approach to his lyrics. His songs aren’t always about drugs, women, money and the like. Hopefully he shows his deeper intellectual side on March 3 so attendees who have pigeon-holed his music see a different Macklemore than they may have expected.

Being that “The Heist” has absolutely blown up, we can probably expect a playlist loaded with songs from that album. If “Thrift Shop” has become too tired for you, “Same Love,” “Wing$” and “Can’t Hold Us” might do the trick.

Macklemore’s songs truly display how dynamic he can be. “Same Love” voices his open-mindedness about gay marriage; “My Oh My” displays a wealth of pride in his hometown of Seattle; “Wing$” illustrates the tragedy of people being killed for a pair of Michael Jordan’s sneakers.

If it happens that Macklemore has not stolen your musical heart, no hard feelings. Stay home and listen to something else that is more your style.

But if you plan on attending UNC’s grandiose spring concert, get your tickets early because they’ll be “limited edition/Let’s do some simple addition,” considering Macklemore’s meteoric rise up the pop charts, there will be potential ticket-buyers left without admittance. Butler-Hancock can only house so many wildly screaming students.

Thank you again to UPC for providing us with this form of entertainment. I know it will be well worth it, or, if you prefer, it will be — to borrow a phrase — “F-ing awesome.”

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