Fantasy Football: Top five players who are worth drafting

The NFL football season began Sept. 10 with fantasy football already underway. Photo courtesy of

During the early weeks of September, I close my eyes and hear the National Football League’s theme song in my mind. I hear the broadcasters talking in excitement about how happy they are to have another football season. The football season starts Sep. 10 and with fantasy football underway, I still have three more drafts to do before the season starts. My top five players are:

1) George Kittle, a tight end – I could have put Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce on this list, but Kittle stands out more with his athleticism. Last season I drafted Kittle in one of my leagues and he was a monster on the field. He had 1,053 receiving yards with 85 touches. During the offseason, the San Francisco 49ers extended Kittle’s contract to a five-year deal worth 75 million dollars making him the highest-paid tight end in the NFL. The 49ers believe Kittle can become a monster on the field again and I cannot wait to see him tear the field up with receiving yards.

2) Austin Eckler, a running back – Colorado native, Eckler, is a talented athlete. I had Eckler in one league last year and he helped me win the championship. During the offseason, star running back Melvin Gordon signed a one year deal with the Denver Broncos. With Gordon’s departure from the Los Angeles Chargers, Eckler has a chance to gain more rushing and passing yards this season. I cannot wait to see Eckler light it up on the field.

3) Chris Godwin, a wide receiver – I had Godwin in one of my leagues last season and he did a great job with catching the ball from the inconsistent quarterback Jameis Winston.  During the offseason, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made a huge move in free agency by adding future Hall of Famer and quarterback Tom Brady to their roster. Godwin will be sharing the workload with wide receiver Mike Evans, but he will gain yards by catching what Brady gives him. Godwin will be tearing it up this season.

4) Drew Brees, a quarterback –  The term “ go big or go home” is certainly the statement Brees will make this year because when the season is over, Brees will be retiring. He said that he wants to win another Super Bowl before he hangs up his uniform. Last season, Brees and the rest of the team made it to the playoffs and halfway to the Super Bowl. With another football season approaching, Brees is hungry to end his NFL career by winning the Vince Lombardi trophy for the New Orleans Saints I drafted Brees before and I will do it again to see him win it all.


5) Todd Gurley II, a running back –  I believe in starting fresh in a new place because there are new opportunities for success. The former Los Angeles Rams, running back Gurley II, will have a successful season as an Atlanta Falcon if he can stay healthy. Gurley II is a dicey pick because of his season-ending injuries. When he is healthy, other teams better watch out because he will blaze the field with his feet. Gurley II has limited competition in Atlanta and I think he will play just fine.


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