IFS screens last film of semester

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The University of Northern Colorado’s International Film Series held their last film screening of the semester, “Flame and Citron,” on Thursday in the Lindou Auditorium.

“Flame and Citron” is a 2008 film about two Danish resistance fighters during World War II. The film features actors Thure Lindhardt and Mads Mikkelsem.

“It’s about two spies, two Danish spies, one named Flame and one named Citron,” said Ethan Hayes, a student projectionist for IFS. “The film is meant to show that like World War II isn’t as black and white as people believe it is and it’s the spies dealing with the other community of spies and attempting to disrupt the Nazi party.”

According to Hayes, IFS partnered with the Holocaust Survivor Group on campus and showed a film about two spies during the Holocaust. Hayes said that because “Flame and Citron” was more of a heavy movie, they had less students show up to see the film.

The Holocaust Memorial Observances of Greeley and Northern Colorado’s website says the purpose of observance is “to provide memorial and educational experiences for the citizens of Northern Colorado concerning the atrocities perpetrated by the NAZIs and their collaborators principally, but not exclusively, against the Jews of Germany and Europe between 1933 and 1945.”


Over the semester IFS has previously shown “Moana,” “Baby Driver,” “Citizen King,” “Confirmation,” Oscar shorts, and others.

According to Hayes, the best part about being a part of IFS is getting to see all of the movies.

Dorion Wilkerson, another student projectionist for IFS, agreed with Hayes about selecting the films.

“Me, I definitely have to agree with the films that we do select and watch,” Wilkerson said. “But it’s more of just the community and body that we get here that really makes it worthwhile and I just love the little group of people that we have working, partnering with IFS.”

The IFS office is located Ross 1284 in the English department.


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