Michener library gets in the Halloween spirit


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There are some things that stay constant over the years. Homework piles up, Halloween is spooky and libraries are quiet. However, the Halloween decorations put up around the first floor of the University of Northern Colorado’s Michener Library and below at archives services are loud and proud.

Traditionally the library is a favorite study spot on campus, but festive is not generally their hallmark. Students can find novels, plays, DvDs, journal articles, government documents, children’s books, computers and other resources to further academic experiences. These decorations are one of the new additions to help add some color and life to the library other than the Michener Art Gallery.

The idea behind the decorations is actually an employee morale builder between departments. Student employees and full-time staff will vote anonymously through Halloween as to which department did best.

The idea was initially proposed during staff meetings by Megan Ritter, the collection services supervisor and Patty Chapman, an access services team member. The library is a vital part of the UNC campus, but even as important as Michener library is daily activities can become mundane. To help counteract staleness this friendly competition between departments helps elevate the workday.


One of the most unique decorations featured is at the Collection Services entrance.

Rachel Borum is a specialist in the Administration Team at the library. She had an original idea to recreate the “The Scream” painting featuring a scared UNC bear.

The unique recreation was painted in large part by herself with some help on the background from Megan Ritter.

Over the course of about three hours Rachel was able to finish this impressive piece for the Collection Services department. In Collection Services they handle putting away books, answering questions at service desks and general maintenance of the study areas.

Other departments took a more traditional approach to the holiday competition. Just a few steps away the Technical Services department put on a spooky accident scene of a witch who crashed into their department.

Down stairs the Archival Services department put on a spooky spider web scene. Spiders, webs and bats oh my — spider webs seem fitting for Archival Services since they handle and care for materials that could be 20 years old or more than 200 years old.

Administration also decided to embrace the spider web scene, but made theirs different by going with a graveyard and ghost theme. Administration makes policy, handles finances and encourages donations.

Library Research Services put up a whimsical spider, fans and graveyard decor. In Research Services the librarians help students find resources in their major for papers and research projects.

Patty Chapman also entered her own window in the competition since she loves being a part of holiday festivities. Pumpkins and scarecrows highlight just part of Patty’s spirited work area.

What would Halloween be without a cute factor? This replica of toothless from “How To Train Your Dragon” is posted above the Collection and Access Services office area.



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