Michener’s “Surfaces: Above and Below” exhibit

One of the artworks in Michener. Photo courtesy of Kris Seely.

The library is filled with hidden gems. The shelves are lined with rows of books that document the history of creation, the imagination of authors, the humor of comics and the drama of actors. Along with these aspects, the libraries also showcase evidence of the past. Within the shelves and glass cases, the creations of artists, and the handiwork of craftsmen are on display for the whole world to see. 

At the University of Northern Colorado on the first floor of the Michener Library is the hidden world of the Mari Michener Gallery Exhibit “Surfaces Above and Below”. The white walls contain the wonderful colors of two local artists: Travis Krause and Daniel Augenstein. 

Krause, a UNC Alumnus, now teaches art at Greeley West High School. He began doing clay work as a potter and then continued on to paint. 

For this exhibit, Krause focused on the never ending secrets of water and the creatures that live within the bodies of water we see every day. He painted insects and fish in vibrant colors, adding dimension to the water with both the contrast of colors, and the distortion of ripples. The beauty of the subject was then complemented by the natural scenery surrounding the focus of each of his works. 

Artwork by Travis Krause. Photo courtesy of Kris Seely.

Augenstein, a UNC Alumnus, currently teaches art at Aims Community College. The artwork displayed are of these sweeping landscapes and magnificent views. The blend of color is striking and the texture added by the brush strokes creates depth and realism to the landscapes. 


After Augenstein retired from teaching high school students in Greeley, he spent 10 months in Tuscany, Italy, which greatly influenced his artwork. The range textures and radiant images are blended to portray the evolutionary movement of nature. 

Artwork displayed in Michener’s “Surfaces: Above and Below” exhibit. Photo courtesy of Kris Seely.

These showcasings of magnificent artwork are here at UNC, from August 26th until September 27th. At the entrance of the exhibit, there is information about the artists and prices for anyone who would like to take one of the pieces home. 

For more information regarding the exhibit, visit https://calendar.unco.edu/event/mari-michener-gallery-exhibit-surfaces-above-and-below/


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