UNC and friends host annual book sale

A flyer created for the annual book sale this February. Photo courtesy of UNC Michener Library.

The University of Northern Colorado hosted the first Friends of the UNC Libraries Book Sale of the year in Michener Library on Feb. 5. 

Several students, faculty, and Greeley citizens came to the 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. event for the wide variety of books, music and movies. The book sale offered affordable items that kept the students roaming through the aisles all day. 

Hardback books were priced at $2 and paperbacks cost fifty cents or three for one dollar. CDs, DVDs and LP recordings were $1 each. The sale even offered ten pieces of sheet music for $1 and five scores for one dollar. 

UNC senior Maddie Peterson said it’s cool to have the opportunity to purchase and look at cheap books on campus that are unrelated to her classes and school subjects. 

“A lot of us don’t read outside of school because we just don’t want to,” Peterson said. “When you pick up a cheap, interesting book, you’re more compelled to read it than going to a bookstore and realizing you don’t have enough money for a $20 book.”


Although she said she likes searching through the books to read for her own personal entertainment, a lot of the books benefitted her scholastically.   

“Last year I picked up a few books on Stalin, and since my area of study is European history, it was nice to find books that weren’t too expensive,” Peterson said. 

People took their time looking through the different genres of books to satisfy their new read needs. Photo courtesy of Michener Library.

The event showed that there was something for everyone out of all the books, music and movies for sale at the event. With a range of genres for book enthusiasts to choose from, attendees rarely left empty-handed. 

The book sale was organized by Friends of the UNC Libraries, an organization that works to support and promote the UNC libraries. Their volunteer-staff has organized a book sale for 25 years.  This book sale was coordinated by Laurie Guthmann, a member of the Friends of the UNC Libraries. 

Each year the proceeds go towards projects and events for the UNC libraries. The book sale has become one of the biggest and profitable fund-raising projects of the organization. The proceeds from the book sale go towards the Mari Michener Art Gallery located on the first floor of Michener Library. 

Last semester, UNC had two successful book sales. The next book sale will be on April 1 of this year.

For more information on the Friends of the UNC Libraries and their book sales, visit the University Libraries page on the UNC website. 


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