REVIEW: “Begin the Chagrin” Offers Up Smooth Guitars and Smoother Vocals


David W. Jacobsen has been writing and performing music for 15 years, and he uses his talent to create acoustic guitar music filled with humorous poetic storytelling. Recently, Jacobsen released the album “Begin the Chagrin,” and it is an interesting piece of music because each track gives a different view of how the characters are dealing with disappointment with themselves or other people. 

What is enjoyable about “Begin the Chagrin” is the vocal style Jacobsen uses while he sings the lyrics to each song. While listening, Jacobsen’s voice is smooth and his vocal range is low because he is talking the lyrics out instead of using his high pitch voice to express what the song is about. A good example of how Jacobsen  uses his voice can be found on the song “Guitar Guy” because while Jacobsen is playing his guitar, Jaconse’s voice is filled with narration because he is talking out the lyrics instead of fully singing out the word. Jaconse’s voice is beautiful because he narrates each tune with his strong and low vocals.

Jacobsen is a talented guitarist. On each track, his acoustic guitar playing blends in well with the theme of each tune and solid guitar notes fill the atmosphere with a calm noise. For example, the song “Gambler’s Prayer” is one of the songs where the guitar playing shines brightly due to how harmonic it sounds while the chords are being strung. The guitar playing does give the piece a western feeling due to how slowed paced the musical tempo and structure is. Jacobsen is not only a gifted singer, he is also a talented guitarist who is not afraid to express himself through his music.

Overall, it is a masterpiece itself because Jacobsen did a fine job with crafting his voice and guitar playing to match the emotions that are felt within each lyric. 15 years of writing and performing music does pay off for Jacobsen, and it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Jacobsen in music because his music does speak to those who are listening.



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