Review: “Dune” Will Rock Your World

"Dune" was released to theaters October 22 to great audience appeal.

“The Lord of The Rings,” “Star Wars” and the Marvel Cinematic Universe are some of the biggest franchises in entertainment history. They have inspired, excited and enamored people of all generations. These movies stand the test of time and contain a rewatch value that may not end for years to come.

On Oct. 22, theaters in the United States saw the release of “Dune”. The spicy film is about a young boy named Paul, a would-be messiah in House Atreides from the Planet of Caladan. Paul, played by Timothée Chalamet, is the son of Duke Leto, played by Oscar Isaac, and the Bene-Gesserit Lady Jessica, played by Rebecca Ferguson. Paul is a gifted young man whose destiny is far beyond he could ever imagine. 

The story revolves around House Atreides being ordered by the Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV to be the new stewards of the planet Arrakis, to protect the spice which is the only source of the most important substance for life in this world. Paul is trained early by Leto’s aides Gurney Halleck, played by Josh Brolin, and Duncan Idaho, played by Jason Momoa, and in the ways of the Bene Gesserit by Lady Jessica. Arrakis was previously dominated by the brutal and reckless House Harkonnen led by Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, played by Stellan Skarsgård.

This appointment starts the journey for Paul as he learns his true potential. Frank Herbert’s novel was already given the movie treatment back in 1984, but the movie did not give justice to the magnitude of Herbert’s work. Canadian director Denis Villeneuve is a director with an extensive knowledge of the source material. Known for directing major special effects movies such as “Blade Runner 2049” and “Arrival,” fan expectations were very high. The movie had every ingredient for success: a star-studded cast, a 100-million-dollar budget and a renowned composer writing the soundtrack. The 6-time Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer is famous for composing some of the greatest scores in movie history.

As I entered the movie theater, I did not know anything about “Dune”, I did not know what to expect and frankly, I was not that excited. As soon as the movie started, I was taken aback by the mesmerizing effects and the daring soundtrack. As the movie progressed it became clear I was witnessing cinematic history. When the movie ended and I left the theater, I could not stop talking about what I witnessed. 


The 2 hour and 35-minute feature felt well-paced and emotionally engaging throughout. Because a sequel to the story has been greenlit, I cannot imagine how much this series can improve. I am willing to say, this may very well be “The Lord of The Rings” of our generation, and I am sure history will prove this statement correct and the “Dune” saga will have a special place in cinematic history. This awards season will be very successful for this film.

 I cannot recommend this movie enough; I will definitely be watching “Dune” more than once. Though you can also watch it on HBO MAX, this film is to be seen on the biggest screen possible. The experience in theatres cannot be missed.  Film rating 10/10.


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