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Empowering Creativity: Michener Library’s Recording Studio

Nestled in the corner of the second floor in Michener Library, a recording studio stands as a beacon for expression. It’s equipped...

Michener Library Offers Academic and Historical Resources to Students

From expert librarians to rare university artifacts, Michener Library is filled with research support that many students don’t know about.

Confronting The Normalization Of Sexual Violence: “Archival Degradation” Opens At Michener Gallery

If you’re looking for new art to experience, “Archival Degradation”, a brand new exhibit, is now showing in the Mari Michener Gallery.

Greeley-Evans Transit Faces Challenges in Serving Residents and Students

Greeley-Evans Transit’s slogan is “Get There!” Recently, Greeley’s full-time residents and UNC students haven’t been going anywhere due to a history of...