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UNC Dean of Students Gardiner Tucker sent an email to the student body this morning about complaints the Dean of Students Office has received regarding the Sigma Chi fraternity.

According to the email, the complaints claim the fraternity has violated several university policies, including the student code of conduct, the anti-discrimination policy and the interfraternity council bylaws. As a result, the Dean of Students office is conducting a review, and while it does, Sigma Chi is not permitted to host events on its 1922 Eighth Ave. property.

Tucker said in the email the national Sigma Chi chapter “supports the university’s actions.”

The Sigma Chi International Fraternity said in a statement to The Mirror that it is aware of the allegations and violations against the chapter and, following standard protocol, the organization has “temporarily suspended the activities of the chapter and [is] in the process of investigating the merits of the allegations.”

The statement also said that “appropriate action will be taken depending on the results of the investigation.”


The Mirror submitted a Colorado Open Records Act request letter to the university asking for information “regarding the Sigma Chi fraternity on the University of Northern Colorado campus, specifically relating to the spring 2018 allegations and violations the chapter is currently being investigated for.”

The university has since emailed The Mirror saying between March 28 and April 15, “there have been 15 complaints received regarding Sigma Chi.” The university declined The Mirror’s request to view any related documents, as the CORA prevents the disclosure of records regarding sexual harassment complaints and investigations.

The Mirror has also contacted the Weld County Sheriff Records for more information.

As of Oct. 29, specified in an email from Tucker, the Sigma Chi fraternity has been found responsible for several Student Code of Conduct violations. According to the email, these violations include “. . .sexual harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct, use/possession of controlled substances, and use/possession of alcohol by underage persons,” and the university no longer recognizes the fraternity. The UNC chapter is no longer recognized by the national Sigma Chi organization. After a period of seven years, the fraternity may apply for reinstatement at UNC.

Any student wishing to file a report or concern about the matter can do so on the Dean of Students website. Any student in need of support while the fraternity is reviewed can contact the following resources.

Dean of Students Website:

Assault Survivors Advocacy Program:

Counseling Center:

Institutional Equity and Compliance:

Student Outreach and Support:


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