Student senate discusses financial resources

University of Northern Colorado Student Senate

The University of Northern Colorado’s Student Senate held a business meeting on Wednesday in the UC Panorama Room. The meeting included guest speaker Priscilla Franzen from Wells Fargo and a discussion about Student Program Allocation, also known as SPA.

Franzen is an employee at the Wells Fargo located in the UC, and has worked there for three years. She discussed the benefits of Wells Fargo on campus, as well as creating a new contract in order to stay on campus.

“So some of you may know our contract is up this year,” Franzen said.

According to Franzen, Wells Fargo is working on a new 10-year contract to stay on campus in the UC. Franzen said the technology provided by the organization will be a good case to try to stay on campus next year with the new contract.

The “state of the art” technology includes an on-off feature of debit cards, mobile deposit, and the Zelle program. The on-off feature allows someone to turn the use of their debit cards on or off, which can help if someone loses their debit card. The Zelle program also allows someone to transfer money or receive money from different accounts, as long as they have the cell phone number, the account number, or the email linked to the other account.


According to Franzen, Wells Fargo on campus can benefit students because their campus ID can be linked to their checking account. This allows a student to use only one card for everything. Wells Fargo makes sure the university has the student’s account numbers in order for refund checks to be deposited directly into the account.

Students can also use the bank to ask about financial reviews and credit. This can help students learn about checking and savings account, as well as different credit options.

“Financial reviews are always good before you leave campus for good,” Franzen said.

Wells Fargo is involved with the community fest, UNC orientations, table events, and Bear Pantry. In fact, the entire Wells Fargo district participates in donating to Bear Pantry.

Jason Stroh-Faron, the director of finance for student senate, also discussed the upcoming SPA proposals and voting days.

SPA is a process that provides funding to organizations on campus for events. The mission is to provide funding and support for the implementation of new programs and activities with the intent of enhancing the university experience for all students.

In order for a program to be considered for funding through SPA, it must present a program proposal presentation to Student Senate that is up to 10 minutes long. Each program event must be open to all students, have administrative oversight, possess the UNC mission statements, and the funding cannot be used for scholarships or grants.

Student Senate will vote on the programs that receive funding on April 4. All Student Senate members are required to attend the presentations to be fully informed about the programs and events. If a member doesn’t go to one of the presentations, he or she loses their voting rights. This voting process will be used to determine which organization’s events will be funded next fall.

In other news, Student Body President Kevion Ellis discussed the university’s values.

UNC has six main values, including that academic integrity is valued and expected, excellence is sought and rewarded, teaching and learning flourish, diversity of thought and culture is respected, intellectual freedom is preserved, and equal opportunity is afforded.

Some of the Student Senate members said they would like to get the university’s values known on campus, as well as elaborating or focusing on each value with active voice.

According to Mallory Gibson, councilor of performing and visual arts, the values were written in passive voice rather than active voice. She would rather one of the values say “we seek and award excellence,” instead of “excellence is sought and rewarded.” Gibson said the values do not show what the university does because of the way they were written.

Student Senate is planning to look further into integrating the student and campus values.

The next Student Senate meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 7 in the UC Panorama Room.


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