Bear Necessities Charity Dinner for Bear Pantry

Photo via Ben Schleiger.

The University of Northern Colorado is committed to fighting food insecurity on campus.

This message was present at the Bear Necessities fundraiser dinner put on by Bear Pantry and the UNC Dietetics majors.

Together the Bear Necessities fundraiser, along with help from UNC Catering, made the Panorama Room feel like a classy NYC-style dinner.

Hannah Rodriguez and Michael Milan put on a wonderful live Jazz performance during the welcome and appetizer portion.

Guests were astounded to find that instead of someone’s “Spotify list” on an aux cord, two students were performing live in the corner of the room.


The appetizer portion of the dinner was a tomato tart, cucumber with parmesan, and a delicately stacked triscuit with fruit and an almond.

For the main course offered salad with toppings, salmon, turkey and other healthy options.

Lastly, desert consisted of a chocolate cake with real cherries and sauce or a fruit cocktail with various dipping sauces.

All of the dishes were inspired by the UNC Dietetics team and implemented by the UNC Catering staff.

It was a specific focus of the dietetics team to provide healthy, but filling meals as they believe food insecurity is a door to other stresses.

Whether emotional, financial, psychological, or physical stress, the dietetics team’s message was that having healthy access to food is the first step to combating other stress.

Charlette Flanders, the Bear Pantry Graduate Assistant, talked more about how the Bear Pantry on campus helps students meet their needs.

While some students have meal plans and adequate budgets, others on and off campus often go hungry as food is the last part of their budget.

With housing, school supplies, and other bills added up, some students end up skipping meals and neglecting their diet for cheaper options.

At the Bear Pantry they provide students 10 items per week to help supplement some or all of the food insecurity they may have.

Items available include: milk, bread, eggs, lunch meat, frozen dinners, pasta, cereal, canned vegetables, pasta options, and some toiletries such as hygiene products and detergent.


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