UNC alumni give graduating seniors advice


The spring semester is coming to an end, for University of Northern Colorado students, no matter which situation they’re may be experiencing, the path can be hard to navigate. To gain some perspective on what to do and what not to do, The Mirror interviewed UNC alumni for their opinions on these transitions after looking back at their college experiences. 

For students who are still in the process of earning their degrees, several alumni stressed the importance of branching out and making connections. According to the alumni, pursuing fraternities, sororities or other clubs on campus is not only a great way to network and prepare yourself for a future career, but it is also the perfect way to make lasting friendships and connections. 

Kurt Hinkle, from the class of 1998, recalled fond memories from hanging out with friends he made on campus at local college hotspots like Roma’s, Bear’s Country Saloon and Fleetwood Grill, which is now known as Zoe’s Café. 

Not only can the connections made in college turn into life-long friendships, but they can also provide the perfect opportunity for students to determine their future goals or career paths. UNC is comprised of a diverse student body and plenty of clubs and activities to appeal to each of the different types of students on campus, including the school newspaper.

“The Mirror was where my existing desire to work in journalism grew into a full-fledged passion,” said Heather Montgomery, from the class of 2005. “The Mirror was more than where I spent most of my time each week, it was my identity for four years and influenced my professional and personal life ever since graduation.”


Montgomery also said her involvement at The Mirror lead her to internships at the Denver Post and the Loveland Reporter-Herald while she was attending UNC. 

Students who are returning to campus after this semester and are looking for ways to explore their interests can visit the UNC Office of Student Organizations website or contact their department advisor for a list of possible organizations to join on campus.

The alumni also shared opinions for students who are graduating after this spring semester. According to Hinkle, after his graduation in the spring of 1998, he stuck around Greeley to work on a book titled “Northern Light: The Complete History of the University of Northern Colorado Football Program,” before getting a job in the fall. Hinkle explained how he wasn’t stressed during his period of unemployment after graduation and actually took the time to pursue a project he enjoyed working on and spend time enjoying the summer with friends. 

“We put in a lot of time in the early part of that summer and we went to a couple Rockies games and mostly just hung out in Greeley,” Hinkle said. “I really miss those days.”


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