Elizabeth Warren campaigns in Colorado on Sunday

Sen. Elizabeth Warren campaigned at the Filmore Auditorium in Denver on Sunday. Photo courtesy of denver.cbslocal.com.

About 4,000 attendees braved the snow to attend Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign rally at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver on Sunday afternoon.

Multiple presidential candidates came to Colorado last week to campaign. Sen. Bernie Sanders had a campaign event at the Colorado Convention Center, bringing in about 11, 000 attendees. Around 8,000 people showed up for Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s rally at the Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center. 

Two Colorado State Senators, Kerry Donovan and Julie Gonzales, showed their support for Warren by addressing the crowd before Warren took the stage. They discussed why they believe Warren is the best candidate and why they are endorsing her in the 2020 election. 

In a video posted to Warren’s Twitter, Donovan and Gonzales spoke more about Elizabeth Warren’s impact. 

“She was going out and getting policy work done before she was elected to office and so that’s the kind of leader I want to see representing me in the White House,” Gonzales said. 


Despite coming in fourth in the Nevada caucuses, Warren made it clear to the Colorado crowd that she is not giving up on the fight. 

“When so much hangs in the balance, are you going to pull back?” Warren said. “Are you going to be timid? Or are you going to get in the fight? Me, I’m fighting back.”

Her hard work of fighting back has paid off. After a strong performance in last week’s Democratic debate, she has raised nine million dollars in campaign donations in less than a week. She asked the crowd to continue donating and to continue the fight with her. 

People in the crowd were also asked to sign-up for volunteer positions in Warren’s campaign before Super Tuesday.

Warren spoke about her family’s financial struggles living in rural Oklahoma, her journey of becoming a special education teacher and her path to politics. She said her life events have led up to her running for president and making the big, structural change the United States needs. 

Out of every candidate in the election, Warren said she has the least amount of political experience. But that does not stop her from having a plan for every issue she wants to work on in the White House. One of her many campaign slogans is, “Warren’s got a plan for that.” People can read every detailed plan she has on her website. 

Some of those plans were discussed heavily at the event in Denver. She was asked five questions from the crowd and addressed them all elaborately. Issues like gun control, immigration, climate change, health care, the education system, college debt and more.  She made it very clear she will get stuff done starting from day one as an elected president. 

“Starting on day one I will do things a president can do, I love saying this, all by herself,” Warren said.

Warren announced she could not stay to take pictures and meet with people after the event, because she had to leave directly after to head to South Carolina for the primary. 

To continue following Warren on her path to presidency, visit https://elizabethwarren.com or follow her on twitter @ewarren. 


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