UNC announces plans for fall 2020 semester

A rumor has been going around the University of Northern Colorado campus regarding the cancellation of spring break. Photo courtesy of unco.edu.

On April 30, President Andy Feinstein sent an email out to students regarding the plans for the  University of Northern Colorado’s 2020 fall semester. The email states that in late August the university plans to bring back students and staff to resume face to face classes. However, summer classes will still be held in an online capacity. 

Feinstein informed students about some of the possible changes that could be in place next semester, depending on the effects of COVID-19 and the advice given by public health authorities. The possible changes are as follows:

  1. Adjustments to classroom arrangements to continue the practice of social distancing
  2. Limiting the number of students that can be in one place at a time
  3. Students and staff could be subject to testing, contact tracing, and temperature checks if they show symptoms or are in contact with infected people
  4. People on campus may still be required to wear masks when out in public 
  5. Accommodations for students living in residence halls are on the table including students having their own rooms.

“We are confident that we have sufficient surplus housing capacity to make this happen,” Feinstein stated.

While these plans are not definite President Feinstein has promised to have the safety of staff and students be the priority. 



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