The Most Obnoxious Dog

Hannah and Tyson wearing matching hoodies at Evergreen Lake.

On July 25, 2021, I rescued the most obnoxious dog in the world.

I had been planning for almost a month before I made the decision to really move forward with getting a dog. I made sure to purchase a bed, crate, dishes, toys, car seats and all the accessories a dog could possibly need. I knew I was ready to have the responsibility of another living thing and had been dog-sitting almost every night of the summer for the past two years. I loved watching two miniature pinschers, Mini and Marble. They were my favorite clients as we grew close over two months when I consistently stayed with them each weekend while their humans were out of town. This prompted me to want a min pin of my own.

I knew how expensive and difficult it would be to purchase and find a min pin from a reputable breeder. I didn’t think I would be able to find one through a local rescue or shelter. Luckily, I had joined a group on Facebook that was geared towards people rehoming their pets, and a min pin named Saturn appeared. I remember thinking to myself that there is no way these people are just rehoming their min pin for $250.

I decided to take a chance and meet the couple, Kyle and Taylor, at their apartment complex to see if I could be a good match. As I pulled into their complex, I saw Kyle, Taylor and Saturn sitting on the grass. I got out of the car with my boyfriend and the dog started going absolutely ballistic with his non-stop, high-pitched, bark. I was irritated. But I had just driven for over 45 minutes to meet this dog, so I sat outside for a good hour trying to get him to calm down. He didn’t calm down. Kyle and Taylor had explained when we met initially that he was one of many other dogs and cats they had in their one-bedroom apartment. They said they didn’t have enough time or money to keep him.

I agreed to a trial run with Saturn and gave the couple a deposit of $125. We got into my car, and he immediately stopped barking and became the most loving dog that had the biggest smile on his face. Over the span of the next two days, I discovered how neglected, malnourished, and filthy he was. He smelled terrible, had painfully long nails, and was not fed enough as his bones were grossly visible. Immediately, I knew that I would never be able to return Saturn to them, so I dropped off the remainder of the money I owed and never spoke to them again.


I took him to a dog wash, fed him and scheduled to have him neutered within the next 24 hours. I really wasn’t a fan of the name Saturn. In fact, I absolutely hated it for him. This dog had too much character to have a name that didn’t relate to him at all. He loved pig ears as treats and loved to fight with his new toys. So, I named him Tyson, after Mike Tyson.

As Tyson is turning three in November, I am losing hope of having a calm dog. I have thrown a birthday party each year around Tyson’s birthday with family members, decorations, dog-friendly cake and presents, which overall, a great time. I try to make the day as special as I can for him.

Tyson’s second birthday party

In my delusional mind, he is the perfect dog. Everyone else might disagree with him being a perfect dog. He is not aggressive but does have small dog syndrome. It is embarrassing to admit that Tyson got kicked out of puppy training within three weeks of the class starting when he was the only dog in the class. He barks at the strangest things, inflatable outdoor holiday décor, motorcycles, trash cans, blenders, vacuums and his own reflection. The worst is when we go on drives and his piercing bark is so distracting that we almost crash. For a dog who is so sensitive to the strangest things, he could sit outside all day watching construction workers and their big trucks pass through.

Rescuing Tyson has been such a rewarding experience, and I am so glad I decided to keep him. When we are apart, I find myself eager to return home quickly to hang out with him. Even though he is the most obnoxious dog in the world, I wouldn’t trade him if I had the opportunity.


  1. Tyson is such a handsome and loving dog! As someone who has spent time with him I can attest that he is almost always bouncing around or wanting to be held and comforted by the people he trusts.
    Also his handmade little UNC hoodie is my favorite accessory of his.
    Nice work Hannah!


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