Opinion: College students and staff deserve a spring break

A rumor has been going around the University of Northern Colorado campus regarding the cancellation of spring break. Photo courtesy of unco.edu.

With only a month until the Fall semester comes to an end, colleges are making plans and adjustments for the Spring semester because of the pandemic.

Unfortunately, one adjustment the University of Colorado Boulder will make is to cancel the traditional Spring break and start the Spring semester later. All classes CU Boulder offers will be a mix of in-person, hybrid, and remote instruction.

To ease the change, CU Boulder plans to offer two Fridays off throughout the semester to offer mental health support for students.

Other college students began questioning if their school will follow the same protocol to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In the first week of October, a Facebook post circulated on the unofficial University of Northern Colorado’s student page addressing rumors on canceling Spring break and ending a week early.


“A source who I can’t name has informed me that the president and the deans are starting to talk about canceling Spring break and ending a week early next year,” an anonymous student posted on Facebook. “They have done so without consulting students or staff, only the faculty who are on strict orders not to say anything.”

This is just a rumor. Many students commented on how displeased they would be if the rumors happen to be true.

Students are upset because UNC has not addressed the situation. UNC did not ask the Bear Community how they would feel attending classes for four months without a break.

Although I disagree with how colleges handled the announcement, I hope UNC will allow input from their students and staff before making an official decision.

I understand why colleges would eliminate Spring break. When I think of Spring break, I imagine an increase in travel which does not help the current pandemic.

However, I believe students and staff need that week break to rest because adjusting to hybrid and online classes are hard enough.

It’s a problem of between needing a break from an exhausting year, yet our community needs to do everything we can in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

I agree having a spring break will cause a spike in COVID-19 cases. It’s unfair to those who do not go out on Spring break and just need a solid mental rest.

If UNC moves forward in removing Spring break and ending a week early, I hope they adjust class schedules to assist with those in need of a mental break.

Hopefully, before the Fall semester ends, UNC contacts their students and staff about the situation.


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