A Farewell to a Staff Member


    Joining the group of graduating humanities and social sciences majors is the Mirror’s Editor-in-Chief Katherine Stahla. 

    Stahla has been writing for the Mirror since April of 2020. Her first story, “How COVID-19 impacted UNC’s residential students,” not only talks about the drastic changes that happened to residential services, including residential assistants and students, but it also talks about the changes to other things around campus, such as dining services.

    Since then, Stahla has written a variety of different articles for the Mirror, including UNC news, reviews and opinions.

    In January of 2021, Stahla took over as editor-in-chief. Taking on a head position is a large task for anyone to tackle, and she handled it with grace.

    Stahla has improved the Mirror by not only helping redesign our layout, but she has also inspired many of the writers. 


    While it is sad to see her go, we are excited to see where life will take Stahla, and we can’t wait to see all the future work she will publish.

    Goodnight, sweet prince.


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