Hot Season Start, but Griz Snap Home Streak

Montana Big Men Stuff UNC. Photo provided by 406MTSports.

The University of Northern Colorado Men’s Basketball team enjoyed five wins at home before Saturday.

Last season’s Big Sky champions University of Montana came to Greeley and established dominance with an 88-64 point win.

Unlike the Bears, the Griz have all of their important starters from last year and newbies heating up too.

Without Spight this time hurt the Bears when trying to finesse the lanky and highly physical Griz defense.

Jordan Davis made every attempt possible, but getting double teamed often lead to a low percentage day for him.


Davis had 18 points on 26 attempts. 7/17 FG 1/3 3PT 3/6 FT

Bodie Hume still had a decent performance finishing one point behind Davis at 17 for the game. 4/6 FG 1/3 3PT 8/11 FT

Even reliable bench star Trent Harris had a forgettable day with no threes in his 18 minutes of play. 2/7 FG 0/4 3PT

Bears Season Off to Hot Start

Results through 1/13/19. Graphic provided by Ben Schleiger.

The Bears have a challenging schedule this year, but at this point fans should feel good about their team.

With a 6-1 record through the first seven games the Bears set the bar high early on.

Traveling to the Las Vegas Classic right after finals and just before Christmas turned out to be tumultuous.

The Bears faced tough opponents and hot offenses as the young line up sputtered during the trip.

Since then the Bears have played five Big Sky opponents, including two of the power teams: Idaho and Montana.

Up next for the Bears are road trips to the other power teams of the conference: Montana State and Weber State.

Looking ahead, the Bears have a bright future ahead of them if they can navigate the power teams carefully.

From the results of last season the Bears are on track to go 20-11 or better depending on their upcoming performances against Weber and MSU.

Jordan Davis: Leader, Star, Team Player

Davis Drives Against Pepperdine. Photo provided via UNC Athletics.

The Bears relied heavily on Andre Spight last season, and now it is Jordan Davis time to shine.

Davis is not only a leader for the Bears, but he is also the 6th best scorer in the NCAA currently.

So far this season, Jordan Davis has won three Big Sky Player of the Week awards.

Not only that, but Davis is also closing in on being number one in all-time scoring for men’s basketball at UNC.

Davis is the lead scorer for the Bears at 24.8 points a game and consistently one of the highest scorers in the country.

Something many people do not give him enough credit for is being a team player.

Davis leads the team in assists at 4.7 a game.

This shows while he may often take the shot, he also believes in his teammates.

Adding to the impressive resume Davis also was named as a mid-season watch list candidate for the Lou Henson award.

That award is for the best Mid-Major Player of the Year.

The technical explanation for Mid-Major is a conference small enough to only send one team to the NCAA tournament.

Essentially, a smaller division one conference, similar to the FCS versus FBS classifications.

50 players from the entire 24 Mid-Major conferences were added to this prestigious watch list.

Topping off the list of accolades, Davis was also interviewed by local news station KDVR.

He talked about being a team player, role model for young players and a great father, all in a days work.

Next Game: Jan 14 at Montana State, Bozeman, MT 7p.m.


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