Jordan Davis Places Second at College Slam Dunk Contest

Photo via College Slam.

University of Northern Colorado senior Jordan Davis placed second at the college national championship of dunk contests.

Bears fans already knew Jordan Davis was a talented player and absolute animal when it came to playing on the court.

The entire country was afforded a chance to experience a routine performance from Davis.

Davis was only one of eight players from all of Division I & II to compete in this competition.

Great Clips Slam Dunk Championship Participants


Jordan Davis – Northern Colorado

Roberto Gallinat – Pacific

Jamall Gregory – Jacksonville St.

Roderick Howell – North Greenville

Khalil Iverson – Wisconsin

DaQuan Jeffries – Tulsa

Marlain Veal – Southeastern Louisiana

Josh Webster – Missouri State

The Results

Round 1

Jamall Gregory from Jacksonville State started the night with a between the legs dunk that energized the crowd.

DaQuan Jeffries raised the ante with a 360 degree dunk.

Other more creative dunks were seen from Marlain Veal.

Jordan Davis took a few attempts, but eventually got an off the side of the backboard one-handed slam to sink in.

Davis was rewarded with a 36 score and moved onto the next round.

Round 2

The competition really started to struggle as the appetite for an even more insane dunk grew larger.

DaQuan Jefferies threw down another athletic dunk while the others panicked just to make a dunk happen.

Jordan Davis was the exception to this as he sunk a reverse between the legs one-handed slam as he was passing underneath the rim.

This grew a reaction not only for the athleticism, but also for the speed at which he completed it.

Jordan Davis made the finals with a perfect 40 score.

Round 3

DaQuan and Jordan both struggled to nail the dunk they wanted to land.

With time running out both competitors stuck their best try.

Davis attempt was a toss up and dunk off the bounce one-handed slam.

Jefferies won the competition with a dunk almost identical to Jordan Davis first dunk.

Final Score: Jefferies – 45.4 Davis 43.1


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