UNC Bears playing championship basketball in Big Sky Tournament

The UNC bears won a close game against the Southern Utah Thunderbirds with a score of 68- 66. UNC Bears will now be playing in the 2020 Big Sky Men’s and Women’s Basketball toruna- ment from March 9-14. Photo courtesy of uncbears.com.

The Southern Utah Thunderbirds were poised to upset the Northern Colorado Bears during the final minutes of their game on Feb. 20. That is, until Bodie Hume of the Bears got his hands on the ball. With just 5.9 seconds left, Hume sunk a 3-pointer that put the Bears up 67-64. UNC would add to the score with a late free-throw to seal it 68-66. The entire crowd was on their feet and cheering as the Bears walked off the court.

The UNC bears won a close game against the Southern Utah Thunderbirds 68-66 and showed that they are ready to take on the Big Sky Conference.

The game was filled with big plays in big moments on both offense and defense for the Bears. Hume led the Bears in scoring and made four 3-pointers with the last one being the game winner. Kur Jockuch of UNC had a nasty block in the first quarter, and Hume had an impressive defense game as well with three blocks. Even though Hume had a great game, the win against the Thunderbirds was a team effort. 

With the regular season coming to a close, the Bears look forward towards the Big Sky Tournament in March. The win on Feb. 20 added to a nice win-streak that must feel a little bit better than usual with the season ending and the tournament starting soon. The biggest take away from how the team has been playing is that the Bears play well under pressure, and that, along with the success they have had at the end of the season, they are poised to make a serious run in the tournament and may even come out on top in the end.



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