Fun with frarority

Members of Delta Mu pose for a group photo. Photo courtesy of the GSRC's Facebook.

Students bowled in the backyard of the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center Thursday during an event hosted by the Delta Mu Frarority.

Delta Mu is a gender inclusive “frarority,” a combination of fraternity and sorority, that became a group on campus last year. They hosted the event with the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center.

The president of Delta Mu, junior Marchelle Atkins, described the close bond between the two organizations.

“Why we have such a good relationship with them is because we are a gender inclusive ‘frarority’ on campus,” Atkins said. “We are trying to keep things gender inclusive and inclusive just in general.”

The advisor for Delta Mu, Rowen Thomas, works at the GSRC which helps strengthen the bond between the two organizations, according to Atkins.


Mina Jackson, a junior and vice president of Delta Mu, also helped host the event.

“This is our second year being a group,” Jackson said. “I think we were officially chartered last February. We’re just out here making ourselves known on campus, interacting with students. Hopefully to get some recruitment, but that’s not the whole purpose.”

The event took place Thursday afternoon with giant inflatable bowling pins set up in the backyard. Giant Uno had also been pulled out because the weather made the inflatable bowling pins a bit difficult to use on the grass.

“It’s a little windy, so we had to pull out the Uno,” Atkins said. “But it’s been going wonderful. I’m so happy to see others being able to be happy this second week of school.”

Over a dozen students involved with or interested in joining the frarority attended the event, as did others involved with the GSRC. Pizza was provided for the attendees.

Delta Mu is planning more events for later this school year. Jackson gave a hint of the unofficial schedule and events that might be coming up in late September.

“I don’t think it’s official yet, but the events are going to be the last week of September,” Jackson said. “Kind of recruitment events. I think some of the things we have in line are coloring with Delta Mu, a food event of some sort, maybe an ice cream bar, and we’re going to try to plan a comedy night. Something like that, but nothing’s official.”


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