The beginning of The Mirror: 100 years into the past

The first edition of "The Mirror" was published on Feb. 28 1919 and has lasted through several major historical events.

The first issue of The Mirror debuted on Feb. 28, 1919. With the advent of new technologies, the direction of journalism has changed drastically in comparison to when this paper began.

This publication caught the tail end of World War I, lived through World War II, saw the the downfall of Nixon, detailed the impact of 9/11 and so on.

Staff reporters at The Mirror covered stories around campus as students from the Colorado State Teachers College, Colorado State College of Education, Colorado State College and, finally, the University of Northern Colorado. This article marks the beginning of an ever-expanding history.

The the newspaper’s original edition, there is mention of a literary magazine called “The Crucible.”

An excerpt from this first issue, which appears on the original edition’s second page, provides interesting insight on the history of student publication. The Colorado State Normal School, yet another (former) name for UNC, published a student magazine called “The Crucible.” The magazine ended publication a year after The Mirror began. Decades later, a literary magazine borrowed the name and publishes submitted works of poetry, prose and art every semester — and continues to do so today.



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