Walking towards athletic success at UNC


UNC community members joined together on Saturday to celebrate the 9th Annual Women’s Walk. This 30 minute walk is critical to the women’s athletic community on campus as it supports a large majority of the scholarships that student athletes rely on. As a whole, about one third of the students who attend UNC rely on scholarship support. A large portion of these students are also athletes. While the proceeds of the walk go towards scholarships, this event is also one that brings together the athletic community past and present.

Women’s Athletics are incredibly prevalent at UNC. Women compete in nine sports including basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field and volleyball. With such a variety of ways to get involved, it is no surprise that the women’s athletic department has left a lasting impact on the alumni that took part in the very same events. Those who once sported the blue and gold have since turned into the biggest fans. These are the fans that turn into a community and make women’s athletics possible at UNC.

“This walk really helps us see how supportive our fans are of our sports, specifically women’s sports. We couldn’t do it without Them,” an anonymous communications student said.

This statement was made clear as a large crowd gathered on Saturday morning. With such a large support system behind the women’s athletic department, it is no surprise that over $28,000 has been raised through this event in the last five years. This incredible amount of funding has been received through the support of walkers who showed up to Nottingham field on Saturday as well as Cyber Walkers who take part online.

These funds directly support a variety of scholarships that make attending college possible for so many women athletes. For one woman in particular, the overwhelming support that comes from the UNC Women’s Walk is especially important. Ryleigh Haynes, an elementary education major, said the walk was important to her.


“This walk gives women like me opportunities to further my education. I am so appreciative for events like these that make women’s dreams possible. Thanks to everyone who participates,” she said.

The UNC Women’s Walk is a morning of building community, interacting through various games and activities, and taking thirty-minutes to walk across a beautiful campus. Among the crowd are current athletes, UNC alumni, members of the Greeley community, and the friends and families of all who support this endeavor. During all these exciting festivities, it is hard to imagine that thousands of dollars are being raised to help support the women pursuing a college career in academics and athletics.

The University of Northern Colorado’s motto is “sapientia in aeterum est.” This translates to “wisdom is eternal.” By demonstrating such a great level of support through the UNC Women’s Walk, we are not only supporting student athletes for their time in college, but rather their time outside of the university. For those who were given the opportunity to excel on the court and in the classroom, the wisdom gained is truly eternal.


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