I see, UC, we all see students studying

With finals week coming up, the university hosted a study night last Tuesday to give students the chance to work with tutors, de-stress and eat some "brain food."


Tuesday evening, students from across campus came together to create Study Night at the University Center.

This initiative is one of collaboration, support and success.  The tutoring center in Michener Library is the primary coordinator of this event.  According to the UNC Tutorial Services website, the tutoring center provides students with “free peer-led tutoring services and academic skills sessions to UNC students enrolled in undergraduate-level courses.”

With student tutors in nearly every subject, this was the perfect opportunity to have all questions answered while meeting with peers and eating great snacks.  In the wise words of Benjamin Franklin, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”      While such a study night was meant to create an environment by which students could study for final exams, one student found that it gives back and more.

“Study Night at the UC is a fantastic way to create good study habits overall.  Being shown just how these tutors study gives me tips for throughout the school year.  I think it is really great that this event is taking place,” said freshman Olivia Kasten. “I would definitely be lost without the study habits I have developed through study nights like this one.”

The tutoring center on campus is making a huge difference in the lives of first year students, according to Kasten.  With tutors that have already taken the courses, it is clear that they have succeeded in their study habits.  Being able to share these tips and tricks with other undergraduate students is creating a better academic experience for students across the board.


Academics are a prime focus for Study Night at the UC, however, it is not the only focus.  With brain food being of great importance, the snacks provided by the University Center were much appreciated by those who attended.

“I was enrolled in a nutrition class last semester here at UNC.  In this class we learned the importance of eating different foods and how these foods affect our bodies,” said freshman Alina Moreau. “Eating certain snacks while studying truly does keep us full and focused on the task at hand.  Not only that, but some of these snacks are good brain food anyway.  It’s a win-win situation for students here tonight.”

Study Night at the UC is a great way for students to meet peers taking similar courses, get help on tough problems, gain confidence in their classes, and get to eat great snacks while doing it.  The benefits are countless as success is seen in all aspects of this event.  With this being just one study session out of several each semester, it is no surprise that students at the University of Northern Colorado are showing signs of success in courses and in life.


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