Waka Flaka Concert a Huge Success Despite Delays

Photo via Ben Schleiger.

The University of Northern Colorado hosted Waka Flaka Flame for its annual spring concert.

As one of the highest profile singers to come to UNC there was high expectations from the students and community.

Dedicated fans stood in line early awaiting doors to open.

The doors were scheduled to open at 7 p.m.

A restless and damp crowd finally started being let in just before 8:30 p.m. after being snowed on for an hour.


With the doors being 90 minutes late there were numerous rumblings, complaints and impatient fans desperately wanting in.

What was the cause of the massive delay?

Waka Flaka specifically requested security wands and pat downs for everyone prior to entering.

Contributing to the largest part of the delay was the late arrival of the special security wands.

The high security requested is not unusual, but extremely important for protocol.

If Code 4 security and UNC Police did not comply with the security request Waka Flaka may have left.

Once the DJ came on to hype up Waka Flaka the crowd quickly forgot the previous inconvenience.

Waka Flaka brought high energy, fan interaction and an all-inclusive club environment to UNC’s Bank of Colorado Arena.

He even got off stage and walked around in the crowd singing at one point during the show.

Waka Flaka was not shy to bring people up on stage to dance or be a part of his between songs messages.

While the songs lyrics were not of a serious nature, Waka Flaka was not shy to impart his wisdom and impression of life.

With a new look on life after becoming a father, Waka Flaka teased the crowd about not going to the club, but going for education.

One of Waka Flaka’s last main messages was about race and equality.

He brought up a white male and a black male to make a long-winded statement on how “no matter what we look like we are all f***ing human”.

This resonated with the crowd very strongly with loud and vibrant cheers.

Although the concert was rather short, both the Program Council and students alike felt like it was a good experience.

Student Shaun Perry said, “It was worth the wait. Waka Flaka was a great freaking time and I loved it, man”.

While protocol and weather tried to dampen the concert, the people got what they paid for and more from Waka Flaka’s energetic performance.


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