Dyeing for Earth Week


Every year during Earth week, the Student LEAF program hosts a tie-dyeing event for students to come and dye T-shirts. The university center patio hosted the event on Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Student LEAF stands for the Student Leadership for Environmental Action-Fund. In the club, students strive to bring awareness about the environment and promoting a more sustainable culture on campus.

The club started off the morning with 250 free Student LEAF T-shirts to give away to students, and by 1 p.m., they were down to 50. Only a few sizes remained.

Costin McQueen, the president of Student LEAF, stood at the tables helping distribute T-shirts to students and answering any questions that they may have had.

“Everyone loves tie-dye, everyone loves free shirts so it is a good deal for students,” McQueen said.


Students were not the only ones to go and enjoy the event. Though many chose to dye the student LEAF T-shirts, there were some that brought their own items to dye. Chefs from the UC kitchens were there tie-dyeing their aprons and chef’s coats, and one student brought her white shoes to tie-dye.

“I think that it is kind of nice to see everyone from the university come out and get to know each other, and it is kind of annoying with all the construction, but people are still walking by and making their way just to come tie-dye with us,” McQueen said.


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