UNC humanities school throws a brunch


To wrap up Bear Welcome Weekend, the UNC School of Humanities and Social Sciences hosted a free Waffle Wednesday yesterday for students and staff to enjoy from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in Candelaria Hall.

“We wanted to do this to welcome our students back to campus, and to let them know that we are here for them and if there are questions that you have,” said Chris Marston, the associate dean for the school of humanities and social sciences. “We would like to be able to help folks out.

The event was hosted in a corner classroom where so many hungry students quickly piled in that they formed a line out the door. Students sat both inside and outside at tables, eating their waffles and enjoying conversation before the start of their next class.

The HSS administrative officers had tables set up along the far end of the classroom where students were able to make their own waffles, including a variety of toppings–anything from strawberries and raspberries to chocolate chips and whipped cream.

I definitely love waffles with chocolate chips in them the most, said Katie Young, a sophomore sociology major.


No matter what the waffle preference, students from all over campus came to enjoy breakfast with each other.

“Waffles bring people together,said Kayla Young, a sophomore psychology major. Its been stressful getting used to homework and having to manage my time so it was really welcoming having things like this.

Despite many students having their own variation of toppings and waffles, everyone had one thing in common: being able to enjoy a delicious breakfast with one another.


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