UNC’s music takes over Greeley


The University of Northern Colorado kicked of its annual Day of Music on Oct. 6. UNC spread its musical love throughout the northern Colorado area. From a beautifully arranged bassoon ensemble at Margie’s Café to various selections from the intricate Voxman Clarinet Trio in Fort Collins Town Square, UNC performers displayed impressive musical arrangements that left viewers in awe.

UNC’s Day of Music began at 7:15 a.m., with H. Lynn Smith’s clarinet recital, and went all the way to 11 p.m.. The celebration ended with a terrific performance by the Jenna Mclean Jazz Quartet at the Kress Cinema and Lounge in downtown Greeley.

Margie’s Café was a popular location during the festivity, as the elegant coffee shop held performances all day long. UNC’s bassoon ensemble produced an elaborate performance that featured a variety of works from classical to classic rock arrangements.

The stunning harmonizing sounds combined with the relaxed atmosphere at Margie’s produced a nourishing, pleasurable experience. Some of the arrangements featured were composed for UNC’s opera group, and featured a drama set consisting of well organized and professional chamber music.

Holmes Dining Hall presented UNC’s premier acapella group that twisted charmingly textualized vocals with layering harmonic sounds, that created an impressive routine. The group performed the popular tune “Play That Funky Music,” by Wild Cherry, and it was a superb act that gained the attention of many students at the dining hall.


Cheba Hut also featured several acts including, a barbershop quartet performing, The Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows.” The four-man ensemble demonstrated something to write home about. The matching vocals led to breathtaking performances that one had to see to believe.

UNC’s Day of Music was a complete and utter success. The nature of the performances provided viewers with visual remembrances of how gifted performers across the northern Colorado area are.   


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