Art from the heart

Several pieces of mixed media artwork align the Mari Michener Gallery walls (Paige Murray/The Mirror)

Stories are told through various mediums: photography, painting and writing.

In the far back left corner of Michener Library lies the Mari Michener Art Gallery, where students tell stories through the display of their artwork. With over a few dozens paintings and photographs displayed as part of the “Art From the Heart” exhibit, each brings its own uniqueness to the small corner of the library.

Many of the pieces received some type of award or recognition for the creativity and attention to detail. Most of the pieces were of some aspect of nature.

One smaller, black and white photo of a birds nest with eggs in it, titled “Three’s a Crowd,” received the second place award in the mixed media category. The photo focuses in on the birds nest and has little to no surroundings, leaving the focal point on the eggs in the nest. The contrast of the white eggs to the darker tones of the twigs in the nest create a unique balance.

The Best of the Show award was given to a black-framed piece called “Winter Twilight,” of a sunset over misty land. Both the top and bottom of the piece are a darker navy color, creating a nice reflection that layers it well. Though most of the piece has darker tones, in the bottom third corner is a sliver of warm yellows and reds where the sun seems to be peeking out through the dark.


In a large, gold frame sits a painting that a spectator may mistake for Glenmere Park in Greeley, though it does not specify if that is where the painting is based off of. The background of the painting consists of large pine trees and a few smaller trees with pink colored leaves, surrounding a tan and green gazebo. In the front are geese sitting along and in small areas of a lake that are not iced over and covered in snow.

Adding a little bit of a different feel, other paintings and photographs consisted of machinery such as tractors and cars.

Although each of the pieces tell their own story, they all bring a uniqueness to Michener Library. The “Art From the Heart” exhibit in the the Mari Michener Art Gallery closes Feb. 9.


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