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The University of Northern Colorado held a Study Abroad and Cultural Fair on Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the UC. The fair featured several study abroad programs including FIE, the Foundation for International Education, AIFS, ISEP, the International Student Exchange Program and Sol Education Abroad.

“Are you interested in studying abroad?” and “Where are you thinking about going?” were some of the many questions asked at the study abroad fair.

Each program offers a variety of locations and universities around the world for UNC students to study at, and many programs include available scholarships to apply for to reduce the costs. International exchange programs and affiliated programs were both present at the fair.

The FIE offers classes and internships in London, England and Dublin, Ireland. FIE also offers programs for semesters and over the summer, while also offering excursions.

Excursions can include tours of museums and other cities, trips to other countries and other parts of the city, and other events such as festivals and sports. More information on FIE can be found on their website.


AIFS is one of the affiliated programs with UNC that allows students to study abroad, do an internship abroad or volunteer abroad. AIFS has programs in Argentina, Australia, Germany, Greece, India, Spain and Turkey, among other destinations.

According to the pamphlet, AIFS awards over $800,000 in scholarships and grants to students yearly.

“Have you been thinking about studying abroad but are concerned that it is too expensive?” AIFS wrote in their pamphlet. “It may be far more affordable than you think.”

The ISEP offers exchange and direct programs. The exchange programs allow students to pay UNC fees while studying abroad, and the direct programs allow students to pay fees to whichever university they attend abroad.

ISEP allows students to travel in countries all over the world, including Europe, South America and Africa, while offering excursions that students can participate in.

The Sol Education Abroad Program offers programs in Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Spain. This program allows students to live with host families, gain more experience in speaking Spanish, and learn about the culture abroad.

The UNC Study Abroad program created a new online application for students interested in going abroad. According to the UNC Study Abroad website, all spring applications are due Sept. 29, except for the ISEP Exchange Program, which is due Sept. 1. All summer, fall, and academic year applications are due March 2 except for the National Student Exchange Programs and ISEP-Exchange Programs, which are due Feb. 15.

Many affiliated programs or host universities require separate applications to apply for admission into the program.

UNC Study Abroad: http://www.unco.edu/center-international-education/study-abroad/

Foundation for International Education: www.fie.org.uk.


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