UNC president shares his thoughts on anniversary


Q: As the President what does it mean to you that The Mirror is celebrating its 100th anniversary?

A: “Well first, I want to congratulate the Mirror and all those that have, that currently work at The Mirror, as well as all of the students and faculty and staff that have been touched over the last hundred years with their experiences working on the paper and also experiencing it as a reader, like me. So, it’s part of our tradition and legacy at UNC and it tells a story of who we are and where we’ve been and what we’ve done over the years. So, it’s certainly an integral part of our DNA.”

Q: What is your favorite thing about the school newspaper?

A: “I like, of course, the stories, especially when they’re about faculty accomplishments or what’s happening in our performing arts. Learning a little about in-depth understanding of a particular program that we have on campus, and knowing that it was written by our students. It’s certainly something that I look forward to reading every month, as well
as the online stuff, too.”

University President Andrew Feinstein. Photo courtesy of unco.edu.

Q: What do you think makes the newspaper so special to the UNC community?


A: “That the students are involved in it. I think it’s about the fact that it’s not only a place to get information and learn about our community, it’s also the fact that I know when I’m reading it that students are learning about
their profession, their art. I think that’s a kind of experiential activity, that learn-by-doing experience, I know is a great opportunity for students and faculty to engage with each other and I think it’s wonderful.”

Q: Do you wish more students were involved with The Mirror?

A: “Oh absolutely, I would love — and I’m not sure how many students are involved with The Mirror — but I would be happy if those that would like to participate and learn about media and the way in which its changing and the ways in which The Mirror has embraced technology, but also still carries on the tradition of the paper, the print paper. I’m still an old school newspaper person. I like to read the paper, the physical paper too. I would love to see, I know it’s probably a resource issue, but I would love to see the paper being produced more than once a month if we could, but I know that our resource challenges probably constrain us from that, but it’s certainly something that I would be reading as often as it was produced.”

Q: Is there anything you wish The Mirror did differently?

A: “No, I’m happy with the paper. I wish that you continue to do a great job and find more interesting stories about what makes UNC unique and what makes Greeley and the community that we live in a special place.”

Q: Is there anything you wish more students at UNC knew about the paper?

A: “No — good question. I don’t know what the students know about the paper so I’m not sure how to answer that. Hopefully they’re all
reading it!”


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