UNC welcomes new changes on campus

Photo of Campus Commons located on 22nd St. Photo courtesy of Hunter Wilson.

The University of Northern Colorado welcomes new and returning students to a moderately altered campus, including new office spaces, name changes, new units and new divisions. 

A new edition to the UNC campus is the Campus Commons building. The new structure contains the UNC Ticket Office, new student orientation, the Office of Admissions and the Visitors Center, which can be found on the first floor. 

Since March 2019, the Financial Aid Office, the Bursar’s Office and the Registrar’s Office relocated to the Campus Commons as well. According to the UNC website, the new location is called Bear Central. Bear Central seeks to support UNC students and integrates student services in one central area.

The Center for International Education and the Dean of Students Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance will still be located at the University Center, but on different floors. The CIE office, which was located on the second floor of the UC in previous years, can be on the first floor of the UC next to Subway. The Dean’s Office can now be found in room 2205 at the UC.

Since the relocation of the Visitors Center, the former building will now be home to the Division of Student Affairs Department of Equity and Inclusion. The University Advancement Creative Services team has moved from Trotter House to the first floor of Carter Hall. Trotter House is now student housing.

Photo of Trotter House. Photo courtesy of UNC.

Along with new office moves, several familiar UNC spaces have been re-named. The Disability Support Services is now called the Disability Resource Center; the Office of Engagement is called the Office of Academic Community Engagement; and Career Services is now called the Center for Career Readiness.

The UNC Active Schools Lab has been changed to the UNC Active Schools Institute. The Major Exploration and Academic Probation is now called SOAR, and the Office of Sponsored Programs is now the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

The name changes have also affected two departments that were formerly separate. The geography and GIS and Environmental and Sustainability Studies is now known as Geography, GIS, and Sustainability.

The on-campus changes also include several new units. The College of Natural and Health Sciences has a new Advising Center and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences now has a new Student Success Resource Center. The NHS center provides admission and academic advising to freshmen and sophomores, and the resource center provides academic assistance, campus connections and goal-based coaching.

The new divisions across campus affected Student Affairs and the University Advancement. According to the UNC website on August 17, Student Affairs was divided in order to bring together multiple units that were previously housed in Enrollment Management and Student Access and Campus Community and Climate.

According to the UNC news website about the Division of Student Affairs, “The division will provide resources, tools and opportunities to create a student experience focused on learning, campus connections, diversity, equitable and inclusive environments, career readiness, health and developing leadership talent.”

All of these changes are new to the UNC campus as students begin to move into their dorms and prepare for another semester at UNC. For more information, students can visit www.unco.edu/news.


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