Student senate says goodbye


Many of the Student Senate members looked around the room sadly as they came to the realization that their time as senate members and as UNC students were coming to an end.

After officially calling the meeting to order, Student Senate President Brandon Miller invited senate members and audience members to enjoy the spread of food and drinks that had been brought to celebrate their last meeting of the year.

Once everyone had the chance to get their food and enjoy it for a few moments Evan Welch, Director of Student Life, showed a video to senate and the audience showing what the effects of showing gratitude are.

After the video finished Welch encouraged every student in the room to let those that are important to them know how grateful they are for them.

“Just pick up the phone or find someone you are grateful for and let them know,” Welch said.


After Welch’s announcements news members of Student Senate introduced themselves.

When senate members went back to again review the Academic Affairs Committee bylaw it was decided that it was not possible to change the bylaw to what Senate members wanted it to be.

Due to conflicting schedules Miller said he was unable to meet with the Deans of the different colleges to discuss possible ways for Senate to be a part of Academic Excellence week.

It was decided that any part of senate’s involvement in Academic Excellence week would be taken out of the bylaw. Suggestions for how to handle changes to the bylaw and the issues the current members of Student Senate have with the bylaw will be written into Miller’s transition manual.

Members of Student Senate also tried to make emergency changes to the Organizational Funding Board bylaw. However, after making it through some of the changes that would be made, Miller discovered that it would not be possible to make an emergency change to the Organizational Funding Board bylaw.

For emergency changes to be made for any bylaw the parliamentarian and the student rights activist must review the possible changes to the bylaw and the current bylaw before the meeting. Since this was not done, the bylaw was not changed.

“I wanted to double check since I’ve never done an emergency bylaw change,” Miller said.

The issues with the Organizational Funding Board bylaw will be written into the transition manual and handled by next year’s Student Senate members.

Student Senate meetings will resume this fall.


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