Long-time journalism professor and department chair retires

"Charles Ingold" (UNC)

Members of the journalism and media studies department celebrated the retirement of long-time professor and department chair Charles Ingold Thursday afternoon at the University of Northern Colorado.

Ingold has been a professor at the university since September of 1983 and department chair of the journalism and media studies program for the past 15 years.

The School of Communication hosted a reception party for Ingold. At the reception, he received a collection of Dilbert comics. This was because as department chair, Ingold would start every meeting with a selected strip from this comic to lighten the mood.

Ingold has been well known and well liked within the journalism program because of this sense of humor. At the reception, when asked what his favorite part of his work was, he answered with what he said to be the “P.R. answer” and was met with laughter by everyone in the room.

“Working with all you fine folks,” Ingold said.


When Ingold came to UNC 34 years ago, he began teaching TV production which he said was a very enjoyable experience. This year he taught subjects such as media impact and the history of mass media.

He has taught various subjects in media throughout the years to countless students. In reference to his what he wanted to leave behind for the students and faculty of UNC, Ingold said he would like a modest but important legacy.

“I hope I treated them alright and that they learned some good and useful stuff,” Ingold said.

Dale Edwards, another professor in the journalism and media studies program, will be taking Ingold’s place as department chair. He has also been a part of the journalism program for a long time and knows Ingold well.

“He was the person who made the phone call and hired me almost 13 years ago now,” Edwards said. “I’ve worked with him ever since.”

Students and faculty have a good impression of the professor, whose impact at the university is well known. He is known as a genuine and fun professor.

“He’s a very good administrator,” Edwards said. “He’s been really, really good at what he does and he’s very supportive as well.”

As for next steps, Ingold said he looked forward to the relaxation and no commitment life of retirement. He put a humorous spin on it as well.

“I’ll be doing whatever I want to do when I want to do it,” Ingold said with a chuckle.

Ingold will not be leaving UNC entirely, though. He will actually remain at the university next year to teach a few classes part-time.

As a professor at the school for 34 years, Ingold’s full presence will be missed by many in the journalism department. The reception thanked him for his work and wished him the best in his future endeavors.

Ingold received his bachelor’s degree in mass media and communication from the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio, his master’s in speech communication from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, and his doctorate in communication from the University of Colorado in Boulder.


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