Library to get new hours in spring, implement online resources | UVA candlelight vigil no longer march

The first student senate meeting of the fall semester kicks off with a new study area in the Michener Library


Correction: An earlier version of this article did not specify when the new library hours would be implemented. The article has been altered to reflect this change.

The library will be getting extended hours by the start of spring semester, according to Dean of University Libraries Helen Reed.

The announcement that the library will be getting extended hours came during the first student senate meeting of the fall semester. The lower level of Michener Library will be open from midnight to 3 a.m., Sunday through Thursday.

University personnel have removed six ranges of government publications to open up the once crowded space. Reed said there are also plans to acquire individual study places with new furniture, eight new computers and printing options. New doors will also be put in place.

Students will be able to access the new study area via the east and west entrances to the library via card swipe access. The rest of the library will remain closed during those hours.


Reed says that a security guard will be available in the lower level of the library who can assist with calling escorts and provide a safe atmosphere.

Assistant Dean of Libraries Jayne Blogdett was also present at the meeting alongside Reed. She discussed the university’s adoption of open educational resources as a way to lower costs.

OERs are free, widely available educational resources that students can access online. Open textbooks, book chapters, journals, database articles and materials published with the Creative Commons License are legally available, free to use and modify.

Blogdett says that because professors can modify their textbooks and course materials to suit their needs, it is good for professors teaching niche subjects, or if they want to interject their own findings and studies.

She compared it to the open source code movement, saying that with community oversight, the materials can be both accurate and easily accessible.

The adoption of this system allows students to have a low or zero cost option in obtaining their class materials, according to Reed.

Reed said that many community colleges across the country already have adopted OERs as a way of bringing down the costs of attending college.

“We’re all upset by how expensive things are getting,” Blogdett said.

The senate then moved on to discussing the coming candlelight vigil, which is set to take place at 7:15 p.m., on Wednesday, Aug. 30., at the Garden Theatre.

Originally going to be a walk, the senate decided to change the format to a welcoming that will include a time of prayer, moment of silence and several guest speakers. The senate intended the vigil to be a symbol of unity.

In other news, the senate plans on beginning talks with staff about a possible Middle Eastern minor.

Student Body President Kevion Ellis said that this year, he’d like the senate to focus on building a greater presence with students.


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