UNC stabilizes secondary internet service, continues repairs on primary

The secondary internet service is officially stable, according to the Office of Information Management and Technology.


In a campus-wide email blast, the Office of Information Management and Technology at UNC reported that their secondary, temporary internet service, was stabilized as of Tuesday, Aug. 22. As repairs to the damaged primary service continue, the university continues to search for ways to increase network bandwidth and internet speed on their now stable internet solution.

What happened?

On Monday, Aug. 21, construction near I-25 and Highway 34 damaged approximately 200 feet of fiber that fed internet to the campus. Students were notified of the crippled network via an email from the OIMT. Chief Information Officer Bret Naber anticipates that repairs to the primary service might take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Students with questions are encouraged to get in contact the Technical Support Center at: 970-351-4357 or by visiting help.unco.edu



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