Stoli a Samoyed, one of the true Delt Dogs, was brought along to the Delt Dogs event to help bring awareness to Type 1 diabetes. (Robin Morris)

On Aug. 26 Delta Tau Delta held their fall philanthropy event, Delt Dogs where they fundraised for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Delt Dogs raised money by selling hot dogs and collaborated with the Dancing Dog Rescue and Recovery Ranch.  The organization takes in dogs bound for euthanasia and helps them find new homes.

The collaboration with the Dancing Dog Rescue for this event was intended to promote dog adoption according to Zack Day the president of Delta Tau Delta.  The Dancing Dog Rescue was unable to attend.  Members brought their own pups to the event and welcomed anyone wanting to play with them.  These happy dogs got lots of pets from attendees, water to drink and even a box fan to sit in front of provided by their dog dads.

A lot of the Delta Tau Delta members find that doing philanthropic activities through the fraternity has been rewarding and JDRF becomes something they are passionate about. Jake Wagner, a senior business marketing student didn’t know about JDRF when he rushed the frat but enjoys these events.

“It’s pretty cool,” Wagner said. “Fraternities have a pretty rough stereotype in general but we do a lot.”


Jacob Aiello, a senior business management student working alongside Wagner collecting money for food and t-shirts chimed in saying “It’s overlooked, a lot of people don’t realize what we do.”

According to Day, the fraternity holds one large event like Delt Dogs each semester in addition to working directly with the JDRF Rocky Mountain Chapter.  Delta Tau Delta members participate in walks put on by JDRF and volunteer for events like the 2016 Dream Gala.  This was a silent auction put on by the Rocky Mountain Chapter of JDRF to raise money for the organization.  One member fondly remembers another event put on by Delta Tau Delta.

“Last Spring we put on ‘Pelt a Delt’ where people could buy pies to throw at us” said Ryan Reed a senior business management student and member of Delta Tau Delta.  “I think we raised like $1,500,” Reed said laughing a little.

Due to its success, Reed believes that event might be repeated this year.  Reed doesn’t know anyone with type 1 diabetes, but like Wagner and Aiello, he enjoys seeing the impact that these events have and feels good knowing he is working for a good cause.

As displayed on the t-shirts for sale at the event, the members of Delta Tau Delta worked to continue the tradition of ‘bettering the community since 1858.’ Making progress in the community and helping to battle type 1 diabetes, the members of Delta Tau Delta were only overshadowed by the Delt Dogs themselves

Three Delta Tau Delta members working the Delta Dogs event (Robin Morris)



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