UNC’s Office of Student Clubs and Organizations will be expanding into their own group, apart from Student Senate. They will be receiving a new space in the University Center for an office, while also creating new job opportunities for students.

Originally, half of the responsibilities set aside for Clubs and Organizations was placed on one student. Michael Kelly, a senior with a double major in communications and sociology, was the head of this program last year.

According to Kelly, senate realized they couldn’t provide the adequate resources needed to organize the program if all of the responsibility was aimed at one person. This kept the program from receiving the attention it needed in order to grow.

“The main idea is that we have identified limited resources, and are now working toward greater resources,” Kelly said in response to the new planning.

Instead of having one person run the program, they will be hiring two students and one graduate assistant. The positions for the two students are Finance and Administrator Coordinator, and Training and Development Coordinator.


The Finance and Administrator Coordinator will be responsible for organizing all matters that deal with the funding, as well as serving as the Chair of the Organizational Funding Board. The Training and Development Coordinator will be responsible for preparing social and educational programs that are meant to engage the 100 different clubs and organizations that are offered at UNC. More information for these positions is available on unco.joinhandshake.com.

All students, undergraduate and graduate, are allowed to apply. The hired students will be responsible for working eight hours a week, and will receive a $150 paycheck biweekly for their time. These positions are available to apply for on UNC’s Handshake.

Unlike previous years, these positions will also receive training and workshops, as well as advisor tracts.

Clubs and Organizations worked with Michelle Quinn, UNC’s Student Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, in order to receive a financial grant that will help fund the groups, according to Kelly. Previously, the funds expired within a month, and many clubs didn’t receive the necessary assets needed for events that were planned later in the year.

Student Senate will be working to approve the transition in order to separate the two programs, and make each their own organization.

The Clubs and Organization’s Office will be opening in January with the spring semester.


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