Empowering Students Through Wellness Education and Community Engagement


The Office of Health Promotion at the University of Northern Colorado is a program that helps students learn more about their health in all forms. The program provides wellness education in many different aspects, including mental health resources, sexual health education and responsible substance use.

Every Monday night, OHP hosts Mental Health Happy Hours, where students can get together and learn more about themselves and other people. An assistant from the OHP stated, “We started these events as a way to provide a designated space for students to relax and destress, while also providing opportunities to connect with others and learn some new skills!”

There is a brand new workshop every week about many different topics including safe alcohol consumption, safe sex and how to build a self-care plan. These events take place on the second floor of the University Center, in the Office of Student Life lobby. 

The OHP not only hosts Mental Health Happy Hours, but they also host many other different events throughout the semester. Their “Beyond the Body” campaign starts on Feb. 12 and is about eating disorder awareness.

On February 13th, they are hosting “Condoms and Cards” with Assault Survivors Advocacy Program and the University Program Council. Another event, “Safe Spring Break”, on March 5th will help students prepare for their week off. On April 2, there is going to be a Sex Trivia night.


There will be other events students can attend later on this semester that are very informative and helpful if they can’t make the others.


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